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Single-Session Coaching

Hit Your Mark With One Shot

Do you have a decision you need to make or a specific problem you want to solve?

Are you on the edge of making a pivot in life and need support?

Do you have a full plate of responsibilities and options and need help deciding your next move?

Who it's for:

Leaders on the edge of a big decision looking for an unfiltered, unbiased perspective.

Individuals who are ready to make a pivot but need a nudge.

People who want to make a change in their lives but shy away from committing to a coaching program.

What it is:

Single-session coaching is a deep-dive that gives you personalized, expert guidance from a fresh, outside perspective. 

We work together to gain a better understanding of your circumstances and challenges. You walk away with new insights, an action plan for your next steps, and post-session support from me as you implement your plan.

When it's available:

Available starting January 2023.

Sessions are scheduled at the earliest

mutually available time.





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