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I’m a life-long learner who connects people and ideas across boundaries and disciplines.

I’ve led Marines in counterinsurgency, broken bread with enemies we turned to allies, and implemented regenerative farming practices while pursuing a master’s degree in social innovation and sustainability leadership. The experiences share more similarities than differences—immerse yourself in the environment, observe without judgment, see connections in the larger system, and adapt your thinking to build symbiotic relationships that drive change.

I’ve been inside organizations that put tremendous talent and effort towards solving problems that turned out to be symptoms. I’ve been caught up in it, and I’ve watched it unfold in companies and communities around me.  It’s painful from either perspective once you realize what’s happening. I started coaching and consulting to help passionate leaders break out of those cycles, stop putting energy towards ineffective change, and start making the changes that matter.

Building on experience from battlefields to farm fields and business to bureaucracy, I help people discover the perspectives and practices to make high-impact changes that go beyond just improving profit and productivity to creating wellbeing for themselves, their organization, and their community. 

Why 'Odyssey'?  I have a strong connection to the journey.  Odysseus fought for ten years and took ten years to return home.  I served in the Marine Corps for just over a decade and took almost another decade to settle down on a piece of land and establish Odyssey Farm

I know this: learning, leadership, change, and life itself are all journeys.  We're all trying to make our way to better.

Now and then, we need a guide.
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