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About Coaching

People have a range of responses to the idea of coaching.

I've been told everything from "that sounds like woo-woo bullshit"

to "we need coaching now more than ever."  


I used to be in the first category until I received powerful coaching on a few occasions. Coaches whom I didn't think knew me that well saw parts of my story that I was blind to, asked questions I hadn't considered, and pushed me (when I didn't know I needed to be pushed).  Those interactions played a role in shifting my direction. Change took time–to keep moving forward while living my way into answering those questions and challenges.


Now I'm doing work I enjoy, tackling more challenges that I've been dreaming of, and I'm not working myself into the ground. I spend more time having fun with my kids (64 miles of paddling Wisconsin's rivers in 2021 and more overnight trips in 2022) than I have in years.

A mentor will help you with what worked for them. A consultant will help you with what works as an industry standard. A coach helps you navigate the best ideas out there with your own thinking, strengths, weaknesses, and worldview in a way that elevates you to a better version of yourself–  not someone else’s version of what you should be. 

Coaching is a partnership.

You and I work together in a dynamic of conversation and action on the challenges you want to solve. I use Co-Active Coaching as my framework with a range of concepts and practices drawn from Theory-U and neuroscience to experiences in combat leadership and working in natural systems. All those are running in the background though. The goal isn't to teach you what

works for me, it's to discover the most effective and authentic

ways for you to lead and live.

 Further descriptions can't do coaching justice

You have to experience it.

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