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Change Management

(Is Crucial)


You have a vision. 

You're trying to take yourself, your team to

to a new level of performance

You have a sense of where you want to be,

but you're not sure how to get there,

Odyssey Collaborations helps leaders invest their energy in the decisions and actions that create the highest positive return for them, their team, and their mission. 


Make These Block Icons:

I offer coaching to help leaders reach their individual and organizational goals, consulting to develop the team's strategic and adaptive mindset to stay agile and effective in a changing environment, and workshops to train groups around specific topics.


Discover frameworks and disciplines that shift your perspectives on the challenges and opportunities before you, highlighting your own path to thriving.

You could get there alone, but It helps to have a guide.

What problem are you really trying to solve?

That's the crux, isn't it.  It's not solving some problem. Let's face it, there isn't a shortage of problems–

both out in the world and here in your own life.

You're surrounded.  Or you can think of it at a target-rich environment

(perspective is 80% of success)

It's that you're not sure where to start, for you or the organization.

What you focus on solving and How you approach it

determines your not just your success but a cascade of outcomes.


Some people and organizations spend a lifetime building better mousetraps without ever understanding mice.

The challenge within isn't problem solving–it's asking the right questions

that lead you to getting the highest return for you effort -not just financial, but in time and energy returned to you.

You're here because you're trying to find a better way to get to your There.

We're all trying to make our way to better


The sheer scope and complexity of today's biggest challenges

and the diversity–if not polarization–of stakeholders requires a broader understanding of how we see ourselves, how we see others,

and how we see the systems we live and work in.

Today's thinking drives how we enact, and react to, tomorrow's reality.

Our success as change-makers

depends not only on what we do and how we do it, but–most importantly–

on our quality of awareness from which we operate.

Understanding change management while using good leadership practices

is crucial for successfully adapting to shifting external conditions (COVID Pandemic) and facilitating organizational change.

What Problem are you Trying to Solve?

  • Does your organization need to be more adaptive to external changes?

  • Are you trying to bring about significant changes in an organization?

  • Are you working in a sector where your organization has been up against the same issues for years, with incremental success?

  • Are you dealing with multiple stakeholders on opposite sides of an issue?

  • Are you working on a problem that requires significant public engagement and action on their part to influence change?

Change Management Consulting:

Change management is never easy. I've lead it successfully in the stress of a combat zone and the entrenched bureaucracy of state institutions. 


Let's talk about the challenges you're up against

and how we can get you and your organization to manage and lead change.

ChangeMgt Anchor
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