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(Is Critical)

Forward Combat Operations Center, Camp Gannon, Iraq Operation Steel Curtain -Nov 2005

-Photo courtesy of Kirk Spangenberg

A Message Sent isn't the same thing as a Message Understood.

We communicate daily–

text, email, video conferences, phone calls, and face to face.

Just because we communicate often doesn't mean we do it well.

Everyone wants to be heard. 



But if everyone is trying to get a message out, who is listening?

"Great leaders are great listeners." -Richard Branson

Your effectiveness–your organization's effectiveness

–hinges on communication.


The quality of your communication impacts every aspect of your organization: 

product and service development, sales, marketing, customer service, fundraising, human resources, employee development, team performance,

and community relations.

The Society for Human Resource Management notes that "miscommunication costs even smaller companies of 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year."

Communication impacts every relationship in your life.

Where do you want to start?



Do you have trouble getting on the same page with some peer colleagues?

Do you have difficulty getting through some of your direct reports?

Do you struggle to communicate with your boss?

Do you want to learn practices that also improve connection with your partner?

Or your kids?

You have to take the first steps.

You need to become a Bridge-builder.


     –Connect and Communicate Across Divides

Bridge-builder is a three-session workshop that reveals our own common obstacles to communication and then develops your ability to build connection and understanding using practices drawn from mindfulness to FBI Hostage Negotiation.


  1. Listening levels that go deeper than "active listening" techniques.

  2. Awareness of how and when you listen at different levels throughout the day.

  3. How to communicate during conflict–including how to confront a supervisor without being confrontational.

  4. The principles that get the whole organization cross-talking to understand a common picture.

"The art of communication is the language of leadership." -James Humes, presidential speech writer and author


What:       Bridge-builder Workshop

Dates:      November 2, 9, and 16, 2021 (Tuesdays)
Time:        7 to 8:30 PM Central Time

Location:  Virtual -via Zoom


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