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Change Your Thinking – Change Your World

You’re immersed in the world of agriculture, food systems, protecting the environment,

or the intersection of all three.

You see that the world has become more complex, the challenges greater,

and the stakes higher in an increasingly polarized society.


You're learning that doing more of what got us here isn’t the solution.

Building truly regenerative systems and organizations requires

working from a different level of consciousness –Eco-centric Leadership.


Odyssey Collaborations develops individual and organizational leadership,

enhances deep problem solving, and builds capacity

to navigate uncertainty, lead transformation, and Thrive

using an Eco-centric leadership framework.

Why Thriving?  Because meeting metrics and even personal goals isn't the same success as reaching individual fulfillment and community wellbeing.  Understanding how to thrive first sets us on the path to all of the above.

What We Do:

–Organizational Capacity Building

–Tailored Workshops

–Strategic Planning

–  Individual Leadership Coaching

– Change Management Consulting

– Speaking Engagements          

Who We Serve:

– Farms and Ranches

– Agriculture and Food Businesses

–Non Profit Organizations

– Individual Business Owners

– Executive Directors

– Change Leaders          

Trit Field Pic.jpg

"I came in looking for one thing, but ended up solving a far deeper and more personal issue."
                          -Andy, Pecatonica, IL

"I valued the opportunity to talk through things I’ve been struggling with in a space where I felt truly listened to. I realized I’ve been creating a lot of my own discontent by not slowing down and enjoying where I am in life right now."
                           -Dana, Madison, WI

"Ryan is a patient and skilled thought partner. We talked about what it would mean to bring a systems approach to nonprofit leadership. I changed the way I thought about work and it ended my burn-out."
                          -Melody Morrell, Executive Director, The Cornucopia Institute

Life is Busy.

Lead and Live it to your Fullest.

You could do it alone,
but it helps to have a Guide.

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